Dear Professional Digital Talents,

It’s time to contribute and advance your career here with us at Telkom Indonesia!

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Calling for Data Science enthusiasts who are ready to deliver significant impacts to make a fair economy for all in Bukalapak!

I’m hiring full-time Data Scientists for my Investment, Financing, Fintech, and Payment teams in Bukalapak.

We offer competitive salary plus other benefits (e.g., insurance, bonus, etc). As the hiring manager, I do care about your personal and professional learning and development. Hence, expect an exciting journey ahead!

Please me know you have any questions on the role or know someone who might be interested. I’d be happy to have a chat with you.

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Bank Indonesia kembali membuka Seleksi Penerimaan Pendidikan Calon Pegawai Muda (PCPM) Bank Indonesia Angkatan 36.

Informasi mengenai persyaratan rekrutmen dan tata cara pengisian lamaran dapat diakses melalui link klik di sini

Periode pengisian lamaran online mulai tanggal 24 sampai dengan 29 Juli 2021

Hi All, currently PTG is opening a Junior Statistician vacancy. If there are friends who can be recommended, please send their application to PTG. Ads have been posted on DevJobs and also the Kompas daily. More info click here