Community Service Program
(KKN: Kuliah Kerja Nyata)

The Regular KKN Model is a learning model used by interdisciplinary student groups who transfer technology and community service and settle in a community group that has been determined by the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM) UII  in a certain period of time. KKN Program is carried out in 32 consecutive days.

Students carry out activities, such as coordination, observation, planning, socialization, preparation, and program implementation. In carrying out this regular KKN activity, students are required to stay/settle in a designated location to carry out the results of the activities they have planned. The implementation time cannot be accelerated or extended, even though students have the ability to accelerate the activities.

The Regular KKN has been designed to help students interact with local residents as facilitators/assistants in order to motivate the local residents to solve their problems. The basic principles of assistance include:

  1. Raising awareness; the KKN programme that is being implemented must be able to raise awareness of the local community, so they will be able to identify the problems, find their causes and decide how to solve them. Without proper assistance, citizens will not be motivated to act and decide on their problems.
  2. Participatory; the implemented programme must be able to involve all of the local community at any level, from planning to implementation.
  3. Sustainability; the programme carried out must be able to offer benefits to the local community, not only in a short time but on a long-term basis until the completion and the results of the programme can relieve the local community of their problems and provide them with opportunities in order to continuously improve their capacity.
  4. Independence; the implemented programme must ensure that everything that is carried out can truly lead to efforts to strengthen community self-confidence, so that it can respond to the situation at hand and reduce adversity to other parties.

Academic and Administrative Requirements

The Academic Requirements

  1. Students can take regular KKN model courses if they are permitted academically by their study program through academic status (UniSYS):
  2. GPA above 2.00
  3. Has taken more than 100 credits
  4. Has passed BTAQ, ONDI, and LKID
  5. Must take part in the pre-service study program
  6. When taking regular KKN model courses, students are not allowed to take remediation/short semesters.

Administrative Requirements

  1. Pay the cost of KKN course in the designated bank, according to the payment schedule specified in the academic calendar
  2. Perform initial registration online at at the specified time
  3. Take KKN courses (Regular KKN model) during Key-In RAS through Unisys or leave two credits for the next semester
  4. Students must attend each stage of KKN activities according to a predetermined schedule.

For more detailed information, please visit the DPPM UII website via the link button below.