In the current era, the world of statistics has a special guest named Big Data. The Big Data phenomenon has recently begun to be echoed by many data scientists and software engineers as well as other general data-literate circles. What is Big Data? The answer is reflected in the words that compose “Big Data” itself, that is, “big”.

Why Should UII Statistics?

The Statistics Study Program of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UII is the first study program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UII which prepares its graduates to become experts in analyzing data (Data Scientists). This study program applies enthusiastic statistics (enthusiastic statisticians) as the curriculum comprising scientific interests, namely Data Science, Actuarial Science, Business and Social, Industry and Disaster Management. The current era of information technology has flooded every agency and industry, at national and international levels, with data. The need for experts who can collect, process, manage, analyze, interpret, and present data is still very minimal compared to the needs required due to the enormous number of data. As many have reported on various websites for the world’s best jobs in 2017, statisticians have the highest income per year because someone with statistical skills can be placed in various fields. Statisticians are highly valued in analyzing data to measure and predict the company’s future state based on data so that appropriate and beneficial management actions can be taken.

Career Prospects

Currently, the UII Statistics Study Program is a trendsetter in the development of studies on Big Data analysis by organizing workshops, training, international conferences that directly present companies and experts in Big Data such as Google, Cloudre, UTM Big Data Center, and others.

The UII Statistics Study Program has also proven that its alumni work in various government bureaus as civil servants and pursue careers as data scientists at many well-known companies in various industrial sectors such as Telkom, Metro TV, Jakarta Smart City, Go-Jek, Detik.com, and many more.



“During studying at UII Statistics, I was forged with discipline and independence which became a provision when I studied further and worked”

“Studying at UII is very enjoyable with competent lecturers and a conducive environment. Moreover, there is an element of religion in it.”

“Continue to explore yourself while studying at UII statistics because the world of work will be much more complex; Statistics has countless benefits in the world of work, either in academic or non-academic fields.”

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