Asmadhini Handayani Rahmah

Hereby some publications of Asmadhini Handayani Rahmah

1. Analysis of Economic Growth Based on Exchange Rate and Prime Lending Rate Using Markov Chain Analysis

2. A Stochastic Approach on the Difference Number of Neonatal Death in Developed and Developing Countries


Arum H. Primandari

Berikut repositori Arum Handini Primandari:

1. Applying Extrapolation Technique to Flexible Binomial Model for Efficiency of American Option Valuation

2. An Alternative Forecasting Using Holt-Winter Damped Trend for Soekarno-Hatta Airport Passenger Volume

Muhammad Muhajir

Hereby some publications of Muhammad Muhajir:

  1. Indonesia’s Province Segmentation Based On Flood Disaster Impact With Self Organizing Maps (Som) Algorithm
  2. Association Rule Algorithm Sequential Pattern Discovery using Equivalent Classes (SPADE) to Analyze the Genesis Pattern of Landslides in Indonesia

  3. Metode Improved CHAID (Chi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detection) Pada Analisis Kredit Macet BMT (Baitul Mal Wa Tamwil)

Tuti Purwaningsih

Hereby some publications of Tuti Purwaningsih, M.Sc :

  1. Penerapan Regresi Logistik Biner Terboboti Geografi dengan Pembobot Fixed Bi-Square
  2. Comparison of Uniform and Kernel Gaussian Weight Matrix in Generalized Spatial Panel Data Model
  3. Modeling Spatial Ordinal Logistic Regression and The Principal Component to Predict Poverty Status of Districts in Java Island
  4. Comparison of Binary, Uniform  and Kernel Gaussian Weight Matrix in Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) Panel  Data Model and The Application

Atina Ahdika

Hereby some publications of Atina Ahdika:

  1. Persistence Process of Stock Price Movements Based on Markov Chain Analysis
  2. Deterministic and Seismic Hazard Risk Analysis in Bantul Regency
  3. Distribution of the Difference of Two Independent Poisson Random Variables and Its Application to Literate Population Data