International Conference on Mathematics and Islam

Islam has formal guidance Al Quran and Hadith. Islam with their guidance is a way and a guided life of living, explicitly or implicitly. Al Quran and Hadith are used as a solution to all problems of human life. The value of Islam, as a guideline of life, must be derived in empirical form through the scientific method. It because to be easily understood on the ability of common sense and as proof that the value of Islam as a guidance of life. Therefore, science including Mathematics is a mean of understanding the value of Islam in contextualized life.
Mathematics as logical thinking methods and tools is used to help a person solve problems that occur in surrounding environment. Those happens because generally, education accommodating the complete form of human, a human who can maximize their potential for self-interest also for their community. Integration between Islamic values and Mathematics can help achieve its goal.
Contextual value of Islam in Mathematics is a process of developing students in Mathematics skills through Islamic values. Besides as the basic design of learning, Islamic values can be proven perfectly through mathematical thinking and media learning Mathematics. Such as used study case that has Islamic values to teach Mathematics.
The aim of the first International conference are building common frame of mind, the work scheme, and the standard format for Mathematics lecturer or Mathematics Education lecturer in PTKI and developing Islamic value based on Mathematics learning. The event is held because of the concept of education that organized by the government based on SISDIKNAS. SISDIKNAS is a learning method that developing students to understanding their material and to gaining the characteristics according to the national identity of Indonesia, based on religious values.

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